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Family Portraits

Oil, watercolour, pencil, pastel – Family portraits are created to suit any taste, size and budget. You don’t need perfect photographs. In most cases, the purpose of a these paintings was to produce a scene the camera couldn’t. This often means putting people together from several family snaps, or creating a scene to show the subject’s interests or career. In this way you really can put yourself, or loved ones ‘in the picture’.

Prices vary depending on the work of course, so just ask. As a guide, these range from £75 for a pencil sketch, £285 for a pastel from a good photograph, to £3500 + for large oil with several figures.

Jaipur Girl


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Jaipur Girl

Jaipur Girl


This farmyard scene shows everything. A gift from a friend, this portrait shows a couple at their home with all the things that are dear to them. From their farm, they run a business supplying horse-drawn vehicles and other vintage equipment to film and TV companies!