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7 Easy Steps to Order a Custom Artwork

Step 1 - Contact David for a preliminary discussion

Sometimes you will have a pretty clear idea of what you want and other times you will have a wish for something but think it not possible without the perfect pictures. Not so.

Your imagination will take off when I tell you the ways I can improvise to make your portrait exactly the one of your dreams. I do not need perfect pictures. With your best for reference, I can fill in the blanks, create a scene you describe from memory or invent one that represents something meaningful to your or your intended recipient.

Uncertain whether to choose oil, acrylic or water colour? Pastel or charcoal? I will help you with that decision too.

While speaking to me is not a necessary first step, I do encourage you to do so because I know we'll have great fun with the possibilities and you will feel that much more confident about the process.

Step 2 - Choose Photos

Choose the best photos you have. A variety of angles, poses and expressions are useful for all subjects whether pets, people or objects. Don't worry if lighting is poor as photos can be colour corrected.

dog portrait photo 1 dog photo 2 dog portrait photo 3 dog portrait photo 5

Step 3 - Request a Quote

Use the website to decide what type of art work you would like. Using e-mail, or traditional letter and postage stamp, give me some idea of what you would like to have – as described in Step 1. There is no commitment at this stage.

I will use this information and any discussions we have, to provide an estimate and in some cases, a very loose concept sketch. We will also have to discuss delivery methods, but as this can change, I will leave it out of the estimate. Where possible, you may prefer to collect and visit the studio.

Once we have agreed the price, I will need a commitment from you in the form of a deposit. This can be by Credit Card or Bank Debit via PayPal; Bank Transfer or cheque to:

David Charlesworth
151 Moorland View Road, Walton
S40 3DD


Step 4 - Sketch provided to you for approval

dog portrait sketch
An initial sketch is created to show you the general concept of how the elements - people, pets, scenic elements - will be arranged. This will be sent to you by e-mail or post. At that point you can provide any feedback or approve as presented.

Step 5 - Photo of Completed Portrait Provided for Approval

dog  portrait completed
On a large-scale work images to show the progress can be provided. Should you wish any modifications at any stage, you to call and discuss them with me or write your thoughts in an email or letter. A subsequent photo will then be provided for your final approval in writing or by email.

Framing will be provided on request.

Step 6 - Payment of Balance

Only when the picture is completed to your complete satisfaction will I ask you for final payment. Once approval is received from you by email or letter, I will send you an invoice. Again, payment may by Credit Card or Bank Debit via PayPal; Bank Transfer or cheque to:

David Charlesworth
151 Moorland View Road, Walton
S40 3DD

Step 7 - Delivery

Watercolours or even an oil canvas (once properly dry) can be rolled and shipped in a tube. You can then take it to your own picture framers for mounting or framing. Or, if you prefer, you may collect your art piece from my studio.

Pastels need to be handled with extreme care and are better mounted and framed.

In the UK mainland, depending on distance, we may be able to deliver your art to you. Otherwise, we will ship according to the method and cost agreed upon.


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